Vera Boele-Keimer is a German artist living and working in Bristol. With a practice that incorporates print, painting and installation, her central theme is that of (dis)order. She approaches every object, no matter how quotidian, with the same inquisitiveness and thoughtfulness, examining how it might crumple or unravel, stand or fall, and then, through simple yet eloquent interventions (often a particular arrangement, or an act of repetition) she transforms it to something completely other and entirely new.

“My processes are intuitive, led not by design but by impulses to contain, order, or mend. Curiosity and open-ended play with materials lead to outcomes that reflect a search for balance between fragility and stability, but which also frees the works from boundaries of traditional art categories, allowing them to exist between - and play with assumptions about - painting and sculpture, installation and drawing, temporality and permanence…. Hovering between found and made, flat and sculptural, precious and fleeting, the works aim to appeal to the curiosity of the viewer, and inspire a closer look at the things around us.”

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"Making Ends Meet" (April - May 2015)