Making Ends Meet

April 9 – May 8, 2015
526 West 26th Street #816 New York, NY 10001 

David Krut Projects and Jessica Carlisle are delighted to present Making Ends Meet, an exhibition by UK-based artist Vera Boele- Keimer.

The title is apt. Firstly, it implies economy, something which is evident in Boele-Keimer’s work not only in its apparent simplicity but also in the materials she uses, ranging from book cloth and cardboard to discarded wooden wedges and recycled plastic netting. Yet it also surmises the artist’s whole modus operandi: her search for order, rhythm and symmetry often manifests, quite literally, in making the ends of lines meet. The pun is characteristic of her practice, where an improvised approach to making sees her drawn to positions that bring “high art” down into a more playful and failure-prone arena. Thus we are given a body of work to explore: “things” hang on walls, stapled, propped up or leaning; some finished, others appearing more vulnerable. The fixings are part of the works, which are created through simple processes of assembling, tying, wrapping, or filling, often implying paradoxical notions of stability.

There is a disarming charm in the evidently homemade and handcrafted fabrications, combining a child-like inquisitiveness with patient methodical labor. They strive for order but inevitably fail to impose it: lines stray off at angles, ink stains seep into fabric, stacks spill or topple over. Perfection doesn’t interest the artist. Unlike the regimentation of the machine-made or manufactured, the shapes and patterns in Boele-Keimer’s works are of a more natural order, akin to the organic geometry we might find in a seedpod or a leaf. Through a language of tessellations, connections and repetitions the artist finds clarity and fragile balance.

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