Hester Finch & Nadege Meriau at House of St Barnabas

FINCH Headless Nude (Seated, Red:Black, Yellow Light) 2015 16 x 12 in.jpg

Hester Finch will be showing a selection of work from The Portrait of a Lady, an arresting series of paintings of headless nudes, in the downstairs Dickens Room, whilst Nadege Meriau's critically acclaimed photographs of "edible chambers",  Au Centre de la Terre, will be on view upstairs in the Bazalgette Room. Viewings of the exhibitions are by appointment.

House of St Barnabas is a charity that helps London's homeless back into work. The Collective is their not-for-profit visual arts programme showing the work of emerging and established artists. Sale proceeds go directly to the charity. Other artists taking part in The Collective include Peter Blake, Paul McDevitt and Nathaniel Rakowe. For price lists or further information please email us.