William is an artist based in London. His intuitive mark-making consists of shapes, spheres, lines and textures, variously scratched, drawn, stippled or stencilled onto canvas or plaster. Recent work has seen the artist move into a more object-based realm, where the image is reduced, refined, sometimes entirely deconstructed. Like his written practice, these abstracted forms become less image to be read; more object to be felt.

“I have no desire to illustrate the seen world, neither to illustrate an idea or a concept. Rather the work is to be sensed, to be felt, not analysed and understood. I want to guide the viewer into a space, somewhere liminal, somewhere to be explored, and it should sit aside from the known … the motifs are only personal in that I have formed them, I have made them just enough of something so they may act as a vessel to others, and indeed they soon enough are anyone’s, they become personal to all who care to take them on.”

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Exhibitions: My Heart. Red. Bloody. Thumpy. (May - June 2015)