Influenced by Modernism, Rackowe uses the mass manufactured derivative products of that era - corrugated plastics, concrete, scaffolding, breeze blocks and strip lights - to recreate the experience of being in and moving through an urban environment. His architectural structures combine ethereal beauty with the rawness of industry to create abstracted impressions which evoke the vicissitudes of light as it fluctuates throughout the city.

Nathaniel Rackowe was born in 1975 and graduated from the Slade with a M.F.A in sculpture. He has exhibited widely internationally, with solo shows and public commissions in Dubai, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Lima, New York and London. His works are in many notable public collections including: Jumex Collection (Mexico); Museum of Modern Art, Lima, Peru; LVMH Collection, Paris, France; Museum of New Art, Tasmania, Australia; David Roberts Collection, London, UK; UK Government Art Collection, London, UK; Hauser & Wirth Collection, Zurich, Switzerland; and Ernst & Young Collection, London, UK.

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