Nahem Shoa has over decades of painting sought to represent the richness and diversity of contemporary society. His work reflects on the state of the world through art history and the complex and visionary language of his subconscious imagination. 

The kaleidoscopic colour of his paintings belies a darker narrative. There is softness in the paint handling and a mystical quality in their pastoral settings, but these are not paradisiacal idylls; their arcadian visions dissipate amongst amorphous, brooding figures, and their confrontational titles allude to a very contemporary angst.

Nahem Shoa is a London born-and-based artist with Scottish, Russian, Yemeni and Ethiopian roots. His work resides in a number of UK collections including Manchester City Art Gallery, Southampton City Art Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

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"Hard-Boiled Wonderland" (August 2016)