Mimei Thompson’s paintings are both process-based and representational. Constructed in thin translucent layers over a smooth white ground, the paint-marks function descriptively but their physicality, as paint and as trace of gesture, remains strong. The work appears to allude to particular states of mind or psychological explorations. There is a preoccupation with the everyday, which is made strange, radiant, or poetic. The subject matter is often the humble or overlooked: weeds, insects, an overgrown urban corner, a spilt bag of rubbish. 

"The world in my paintings has a sense of fluidity, and a commonality, where everything is made of the same substance. There is a feeling that matter is temporarily taking on certain forms, but these could be transient and capable of morphing.  ‘Nature’ - a broadly interpreted theme in the work - stands in for a site of authenticity, searched for but knowingly unattainable."

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Animism (September 2015)