Michael Denton’s paintings speak of the raw beauty of nature. Abstract, yet recalling the landscape tradition of the sublime, with their textured surfaces they appear as rock formations, weather patterns or satellite views. Michael is half of the music and electronic art duo Overlap with Anna McCrickard. Overlap create atmospheric audiovisual performances, installations and VJ performances on the international festival and arts circuits.

"I think of my painting process as ‘alluvial romanticism’.  Whether working with the liquid dynamics of paint or live visual mixing (VJ-ing), avoiding immediate interpretation is important, aiming to create art that gives something different each time you return to it.  For both the visual and musical pieces, the right texture seems to trigger a legitimate motif – with the music we call it melodic minimalism, which like the painting is very much about distillation - hopefully arriving at something that whilst easy on the ear/eye, has plenty of triggers for the imagination.  In a world of ubiquitous, immediately interpretable imagery, a crucial purpose for abstraction is a kind of universal map of the personal."

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