Marcelle Hanselaar is interested in how we reconcile our animal instincts to the expectations and conventions of civilised living. Her penetrative imagery acknowledges the darkness within us. Solitary figures, contained and introspective, are less portraits, more personifications of private emotions or states of mind, whilst group ensembles - seemingly processionals or rituals - act as allegories or perhaps cautionary tales of lust, abandon, greed and power.

Hanselaar is a Dutch artist living and working in London. Her etchings are held in many prestigious public and private collections, including the V&A, the British Museum and the Ashmolean, and she has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.

"I am fascinated by the secret lives we all lead, those vivid worlds beneath our pleasant ways. Although we all fear our innate savagery and would prefer to deny its existence, or at least prevent anyone else seeing it, we are compelled, like Bluebeard’s wife, to be inquisitive."

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Previous Exhibitions: Hard-Boiled Wonderland (August 2016)