Malene is a Danish artist living and working in London. Her extraordinary ceramic creations demonstrate not only exceptional technical skill, but a unique creative vision, a mischievous sense of humour and a vivid imagination. Her work defies categorisation, encompassing design, craft, sculpture and installation. Playing with notions of kitsch, yet never straying into sentimentality or mawkishness, these colourful sculptures are as memorable as they are entertaining, and as disturbing as they are fun.

“I try to create a place beyond reality, a deceitful echo of the real world, that bends the perception of what is real… Initially the viewer may, mistakenly, be drawn to my figures thinking them to be toys; however closer examination reveals their rather darker narrative. They invite you into an absurd and surreal world where things are not what they seem... A frozen moment that indicates a story and mood but at the same time is open for the viewer to filter their own references through, to make sense and contribute to the story themselves.”

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Exhibitions: Nightfall (June 2014)