Katrina Blannin’s practice evolves from the Systems Movement, yet stands apart from it. Following certain self-created rules, she explores tonality and colour-play through variations (rotations, compressions, expansions) and repetitions of the same motif or “pattern”.  Meticulously executed, these incisive works have a dynamism and rhythm that invite and reward visual exploration.

“Abstract painting is such an exciting challenge, still relatively new and still difficult for the world to take on. For me, symmetry and asymmetry are essential considerations …I am certainly looking for a way of working that will produce paintings that have a logical clarity, compositional and material interest … Working with a series of permutations, sequences or with mirror images, rather than a single image, can inspire ideas about movement  - I think I would call it a kind of visual ‘dance’.” 

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Previous Exhibitions: Annodam (March 2016)