Hester Finch’s paintings depict psychological spaces as much as literal ones. Tackling themes of identity, individual freedom, oppression and war, the works are both deeply personal and universal. The artist looks unflinchingly at the core of human existence. Her visual language is both eloquent and tough. Forms shift from literal to abstracted and saturated colour heightens the intense atmosphere of each painting.

“My work has often dealt with Biblical (and therefore Art Historical) themes of judgement and death. I am therefore dealing with the human condition and the psychology of extremes. Titles are integral to the understanding of my work and my paintings are to some extent narrative … I choose to paint in different ways partly for the pure pleasure that each technique provides me: whether it is drawing the detail of a face, setting geometric shapes of colour against each other, or painting a bruised and swollen sky in a landscape. But in each case, I also try to destroy in order to complete …. That conflict is the most satisfying moment."

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"Alone in Berlin" (April 2014)
"Portrait of a Lady" (May 2015)

Hester Finch is represented by Jessica Carlisle.