11th March - 9th April, 2016
Private View: Thursday 10th March 6.30 - 8.30pm


We open our new gallery at 4 Mandeville Place with a solo exhibition of Katrina Blannin. Blannin is known for her meticulous and seductive compositions that explore tonality and colour-play through variations and repetitions of a motif or “pattern”. Annodam comprises a series of new paintings derived from the artist’s study of Piero della Francesca’s fresco Madonna del Parto (c.1455-60). Piero’s heraldic painting is formed of an underlying geometric structure and visual topology that enforces its narrative content. Blannin has responded to the fresco’s particular chromatic properties by using a series of collaged drawings as the basis for paintings, whose oppositional and complimentary colour relationships highlight, balance and unbalance the symmetrical composition through the organisation of form and layers of paint.
The title Annodam – Madonna reversed – plays on the idea of transposition and transformation.

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